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Hello all,

First post for me, I usually just lurk in the shadows reading stuff , but after extensive research on many forums it seems I really need to spend those extra 30 seconds to register and beg for help/suggestions [idea]

So, I've bought an 88 SJ413 about a year ago, been slowly doing restoration on it as I can. When I brought it home it wobbled to the side like crazy and went more sideways than forward, riding like a brick. New shocks all round (turns out one of the front shocks was smaller than the other :eek: ), a set of newer set of front springs and cutting out the badly engineered rollcage got rid of the terrible side to side wobbling. It also pulled hard right when braking, it was just a stuck caliper slider pin, a word with the blowtorch set him straight. still pulls to the right like a pro, I have to hold the steering wheel 90 degrees to the left for it to go straighter,and better not let go either. Not that bad on slow going traffic or mild trails, but dang scary on the motorway, I cruise at 50, have gone up to about 70, but apparently it has the effect of making me go pale. :eek: ;D It's bad for mpg as well anyway.

I had a very bent dag link, I took it out, beat the crap out of it, now it's almost straight.
Both wheels are tight, they don't shake if I pull on them (one of them originally did, just a loose bolt I tightened)
Worn bushings? I just don't think they'd make it THAT bad.

And the main issue which I couldn't find much info on, maybe I'm using the wrong terms?
The shackles were never straight, they're bent sideways, I thought it had to do with the tired springs, but when changing them i found outthe perches DO NOT align somehow, if I put it in the front and axle, it wouldn't go in the rear, so I put it in the rear and axle,which made it point away from the shackle, and then forced it into the shackle. I beat the rear hangers a little but it didn't make any difference. It seems they're bent in a way that should make the spring wrong to the opposite side than it is. Do you think this is whats causing the crappy steering? The rears not being in line with the fronts and the axle?

Thanks in advance for your help, I had some older photos of the bent link and the spring not aligning with the front shackle but that phone stopped working so I lost them, just took some now.
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