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So I might as well start my project post since I am starting on my rig already.
I just picked up a 1982 LJ80v that is almost street worthy. I am going to break my build up into stages.

First I started out with a pretty much stock LJ80v with a light bar and some lights, RPM gauge, and battery relocated under passenger seat. From my knowledge that is about all that has changed. The body has had work done to it(bondo, floor patches etc) seems pretty solid right now as does the frame but we will see later on when I attempt to do some body work to it.

What I am looking for is mostly just a weekend wheeler to go wheeling with both 4wd vehicles and ATVs/Side By Sides, I am also considering using it as a 2ndary vehicle if need be... I live in the country but my work is about 5km away(50km/h speed limit) and the closest town is 15km away(80km/h speed limit) as well the closest trail head is about 5km away as well. Likely will not use it regularly(only when the wife needs the DD or the DD is in for repairs).

So here are the stages of my build:

Stage 1: Street Queen
Swap Disc Brakes in All 4 Corners
Upgrade the Master Cylinder
Swap out the distributor for a SJ413 distributor as well as coil.
Relocate the seats to push back to the rear wheel well.
Give it some TLC(oil change, spark plugs/wires, replace 1 headlight and 1 turn signal bulb, drop in a yellow top battery, relocate the battery to just behind the passengers seat since I am sure its current spot might get a bit wet later on.)
Remove rear tire carrier and add License plate holder to the rear door.

Stage 2: Weekend Wheeler
Do a spring over on it with either stock leafs or other depending on what options are available.
31-32" mudders
Drop in a 1000cc big block out of a SJ410
Front and Rear HD Bumpers(2" receiver on each for a portable winch setup)
Add tube sliders to the rockers

Stage 3: Lock her up
Get some manual locking hubs from a SJ413 up front
Locker front and rear
Add a bit of trussing to the axle housings
Maybe upgrade to recentered hummer 2pc 8bolt rims with ABS beadlocks.
Build some tube fenders for it
Exocage it? Not a fan of the look but might be needed to protect myself and the LJ. May consider other options as well.

As you can see there is alot of plans for it, whether they get accomplished will be one thing however I hope to be able to complete Stage 1 over the next couple of months. Possibly start on Stage 2 this year as well.. If all goes well anyways.

Here are some pics of the day I picked it up... one picture is of my son happily sitting in the drivers seat... he asked me if I bought it for him lol.

I welcome all feedback good or bad would love to hear from everyone.

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