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hello everyone,
my car is a liana 2005.
i lost my orginal main key(the one with the remote init) so i`m trying to program a new remote that i bought from ebay.
link to the kit

i manged to accesses the programming mode following this steps:
1. Remove key from ignition switch.

2. Close all doors.

3. Open drivers door

4. Insert key and turn to ON position and within 10 seconds turn
key off and remove key.

5. Within 20 seconds Close and open drivers door 3 times.

6. Insert key and turn to ON position and within 10 seconds turn
key off and remove key.

7. Locks should now lock and unlock automatically to confirm you
have entered programming mode.

8. Press the UNLOCK button on remote and locks should cycle to
confirm programming.

9. Repeat step 8 on each additional remote.

10. Exit vehicle with keys and remote, close door test remote(s).

(link to the site)

but in step 8 when i`m pressing the UNLOCK button nothing happens(i tried to hold it too but still nothing).
anyone know why?


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Did you buy an aftermarket central door lock system and want that remote to work with your OEM system?
If this is correct, it will not work (or at least, it's really unlikely to work).

Also, the instructions for programming a remote are really very specific to each car model. The instructions you provided are for an XL7.

If you still have the user manual for your car, it MIGHT tell you how to program your new OEM remote/key.

There is this site called that sells OEM replacements.
This is the link to the Suzuki Aerio remotes, that should be the same for the Liana.

Hope this helps.
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