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May i introduce myself, my name is Mirwan Prasetiyo Soeweify, I'm a college student at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, Indonesia majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Now i'm working a thesis with a topic vehicle stability.

The Vehicle that i want to analyze is Suzuki APV GX type, but now i dont
have the data about the vehicle, if there any member of this forum that can help me? the data that i need is :
1. Mass sprung
2. Rear mass Sprung
3. Front mass Sprung
4. Front tire stiffness coefficient
5. Rear Tire stiffness coefficient
6. Drag Coefficient
7. Frontal Area
8. height of rear rolling axis
9. Height or front rolling axis
10. Height of centre Gravity from the ground
11. Height of centre Gravity rear unsprung mass
12. Height of centre Gravity front unsprung mass

I'm sorry my english is fluentless, but i hope any one that read my message could understand the meaning of this message. Thank You and i hope there's some one that can help me.
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