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This might be an easy one:

Just did a head job on my 95 tracker 4wd auto trans.

Water pouring out of rear of head.

It is a cracked water neck... it is similar to the thermostat housing, but it's in the rear of the head underneath the distributor.

There is a hose leading to the inlet on the firewall to the heater core.

I would like to find a used one online, but I'm not sure what they would be called.

Does anyone know what part I am talking about?


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Assuming 16 valve motor:

Item #20 on this page?

20 17570-57B00 CAP, WATER OUTLET

See this link for the (Russian) page:

Looks like it is used in most 4x4/rear wheel drive G-16 applications.

About $32 (plus shipping) NEW from SW Suzuki

Suzuki Parts - Suzuki Car Parts Catalog Online Store

OBTW: you might need the gasket also... about $6,
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