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I put together a motor last year. G13A Suzuki 1.3. Well, it smoked from day one and never seemed as if it was going to get better. I put 6000 miles on it, with no real change in condition. Oil usage ranged from a quart every 800 to 1200 miles. Smoking was very noticable during decelleration. There was always some oil in the air filter housing, from the breather and the spark plugs were always oiled. Dry compression was about 150, wet was 185. I figured if the rings hadn't seated by now, they were never going to.
I thought either the machine shop did the wrong hone grit, I didn't get the block clean enough, or, the cylinder walls got washed and glazed over. When I pulled the head, I found the cylinder wall hone marks looked the same as the day I put the engine together. They didn't look to be glazed over, either. When I pulled the rings off the pistons, I noticed areas of the compression rings that were dull and black, having never contacted the cylinder walls. Some sections were almost an inch long.
I gave the cylinders a quick hone, put on some Sealed Power piston rings and started it back up. No smoke at all, after 70 miles. Actually, no smoke after 30 seconds.:D
Anyone ever come across this problem? It really looks like the rings were not round. The cylinders looked the same all the way around the bore: like newly honed cylinders. No areas that were any different in appearance from the rest of the cylinder wall.
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