I've been trimming the herd of Suzuki's down, and I have a pile of parts that I'm just not going to need. I'm thinking if anyone wants the whole lot you'll need a full size pickup to haul it all. All of this is from a couple different Gen2 Vitara/Grand Vitaras.

-H25A engine: complete but see the Bazuki thread this one threw a rod through the block. All told I've got about $1K into all the various hard/soft parts from when I rebuilt it.
-Front diff
-front bumper fascias (2)
-Transmission/t-case for V6
-Transmission/t-case for 2.0L
-various wiring harnesses
-a couple t-cases
-lots of bolts/nuts/fittings/fasteners
-3 or 4 ECMs
-various interior parts.

Make an offer on any or all of it. I'm in a 'clear it out' mood, and even better if you can come pick it up. I'm about 15 minutes west of Missoula Montana.