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PCV / High idle Escudo/Vitara 1990 G16a 16v

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Hi lads, looking to get some advice on a problem I’m having with my escudo/vitara. As shown in the photo I’ve two hoses labelled one PCV and the other I’m not sure of (hoping someone can tell me if I’m correct in saying that is the PCV and not the one labelled with the question mark). Anyway when the hose labelled PCV is connected between the rocker cover and the EPI the engine idles somewhere between 1500-2000 rpm and as soon as the hose is pulled out from the rocker cover the engine dies. Currently I’ve the hose plugged with a bolt and the engine idles a lot better down around the 900-1000 rpm mark but still not perfect. Just from what I’ve been reading I think it may be a problem with PCV value (dirty etc), however I can’t seem to locate the PCV valve, I can’t see it at the rocker cover side or the EPI side. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Aidan
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Thats the throttle cable adjustment, should be set so there's free play in the throttle cable. Nothing at all to do with the idle.

Take the cable off the bracket and remove it from the snail and check idle.
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