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I am leaning increasingly toward having my Sammy repainted. The existing paint (the original, factory paint) doesn't have much life left in it and I am concerned about rust (my Sammy was a California car--completely rust free--but it will now be spending 24/7 outside (no garage) in rainy Oregon).

I want maximum protection and durability for the paint; I am not looking for the most beautiful paint job.

Here are my questions:

1.If I have the Sammy repainted, can they not remove the existing paint but simply rough it up (steel wool, sanding) so that they can apply the new paint over the old? I'd rather keep the old paint on to serve like another layer of primer and give the metal thicker protection.

2. If #1 doesn't work, is there another step they can take when painting? Double coat of primer? Some other process?

3. Is there a type of exterior paint that is particularly tough and scratch/chip resistant?

Short of "painting" the Sammy with Rhino-Liner, I am open to most anything.

Help/suggestions appreciated.

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