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Hello guys

I own Suzuki ignis 1.5sport 2004
from time i was making round trip of 250miles straight, i noticed that my fan came on so that indicates to me that it start overheating (never happened) and after that trip after even 10miles journey fan kicks in, so i looked and saw radiator leak, as i was using car everyday, i cracked egg into radiator, so after a week of running with egg in radiator i changed it, after that still on the top hose of radiator is piping hot boiling water but as i drained cooling system on botom it was freezing cold water, so i was thinking to take thermostat out because i was thinking water cant sercilate around but and didnt find where it is located.

the question is what can be cause of overheating?
and where is thermostat located?
+adding can i take 4x4 drive system (driveshaft, gearbox, differential) from 4x4 1.3 suzuki ignis and put on mine?
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