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Here is the issue: recently the car (described below) has started to lose power at higher gas pedal inputs, irrelevant of gear. The behaviour is jerky: engine RPM starts to climb on increased gas pedal input, then cuts off fast, drops a bit and picks up again with a kick. If I hold the pedal at this position, then the car drives in a jerky manner, on-off, on-off, shotgun style. Ignition stays on (as do all the displays on the armature and stereo). Switching the car off (ignition key out and back in) seems to give a temporary remedy. No check engine light is coming on.

Other not so relevant issues: slight white smoke at startup and a general appreciation for engine oil (0,5 L per 1000 km, maybe a bit less).

Any ideas where to start the troubleshoot?

Suzuki Baleno (Esteem), 4wd, 1.6l, 72 kW, universal (station wagon) from the year 2000.
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