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A few months ago I converted my 88 samurai to propane and since then have done a lot of reading on propane conversions. One of the things I found is that there is many options for feedback systems to control the fuel mixture and as you can probably guess the prices run from not to cheap to vary not to cheap.

Many of the fuel controllers use a solenoid to control the fuel flow, sound familiar?

So after over a decade of rest, the stock ecu has come out of retirement and found new life as a propane fuel controller and I have to say it is doing very well. I have not found a way to mount the micro-switches up to the propane mixer yet so I jumped the wires for the WOT switch together and left the ones for the idle switch open.

This might be an option for those of you in states with picky inspectors as it will run cleaner than gas (cheaper too) and you will still have all of the original pollution controls in place and working.

I have not had it tested to see how the emissions rate (no vehicle inspections in Oklahoma:p ) but I have a feeling that it would pass in just about any state out there now.
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