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Oil Pump Removal and installation

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Wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on this. Going to tackle it in the next couple days and any input would be awesome I cant find anything anywhere on here.
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About the same as a timing belt change, with a few more component to remove. Oil pan for sure. Do you have a manual? Why are you changing the oil pump?
Well I bought this Sami project and the engine was supposed to be from Japan. Got everything buttoned up and started it. It revved high cause the mixture control valve wasnt in the right place I guess but then it puked all my oil out the front crank seal I thought. Pulled it apart and looks like someone had stripped a pulley bolt and drilled through into the seal and seal seat on the oil pump. Theres an 1/8" gap between the seal and where its supposed to seat. Needless to say it wont hold oil even with a new seal. I see like 6 bolts and the ones from the oil pan are there more underneith? Like I need to remove the whole pan?
I don't think you can get the pump off w/o loosening the pan. Even if you can, I doubt the pan will seal when you tighten it back up.
Yea I ordered a gasket gonna drain whats left and pull the pan today.
Well got it off. Had to remove the Radiator and fan, then the crank pulley and timing cover, Crank gear and key and Timing belt and tensioner (after making sure to keep everything Top dead center and in time) Then the oil pan, Then the dipstick, then the Alternator bracket, Removed the seal with a hook and removed the pump. Took the water pump off too cause I told myself if I go back in as far as the water pump again I'm replacing everything on the way. $300 or so in parts for full 100K mile service.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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