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Hi there. I own a Suzuki Maruti Alto 1000 cc with a G10 engine being currently manufactutred in India by a Suzuki subsidiary. It has a peculiar problem. At 800-900 rpm there is a noise from the engine as if the timing belt tensioner pulley has failed and is about to seize.

The dealers and the manufacturer say it is due to the engine being an all aluminium one and the noise will not cause any problem and that one just has to grin and bear it or turn up the radio and drown the noise.

The car runs fine otherwise and there is no engine noise at other high/ low engine speeds.

Can anybody throw some light on this problem. Appartently a lot of cars of this model have the same problem with no one having a clue on how to solve it. If you reduce the timing belt tension the noise reduces but one runs the risk of the belt slipping and disaster since it is an interference engine.

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