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Hyundai may have created a lot of buzz with its Pikes Peak record attempt this year but it was Suzuki (yes, Suzuki) that climbed the hill the fastest. Even more surprising is the fact that Suzuki driver Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima won the race for the fifth straight year, setting a dominant pace that put him at the top of the hill a half a minute before his closest competitor.

In anticipation of Tajima breaking his own world record of 10:01.41 Falken Tire decided to document the 2010 effort. Sadly Tajima's 2007 record remains, with this year's run clocked at "just" 10:11.490.

The good news is, that's a few extra seconds that we get to enjoy the awesome ride-along experience of the 910-hp twin-turbo AWD Suzuki SX4 using up every last inch of the road – and in some cases, even more.

As for what this all has to do with Falken Tire, well, the Japanese tire company is using the video to help promote its new Falken WildPeak A/T tires – which Tajima used during his dominant performance.

Check out the awesome video at the link below.

More: Nobuhiro Tajima Shows Off His Monster Skills in Pikes Peak Hillclimb Run [video] on
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