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Hey everybody: I have a problem. I have no Low beams whatsoever. At first I thought that the bulbs blew out. I went out and boughts some new bulbs but before installing them I checked for 12v at the sockets. No B+. I then plugged the old bulbs in to the High beam socket and they checked out good.

Figuring that the problem has to be in the fuse box I got my multimeter out and checked the wiring up to the fuse box under the hood. The wiring checked out OK up to the two fuses (LT lo, RT lo beam). There at that point I realized I have no B+ (12v) to the lobeams (fuses are good). If I connect B+ to the fuse I get the lights to work. Checked all the fuses and swapped the relays, still no low beams.

I figured that the problem would have to be in the DRL module. I called the dealer to get some insight about the probelm and the location of the DRL module, but you know how the dealer is, I got nothing. Anyway, I get the gist from the posts that the DRL module can be disconnected and the light still work. So I guess my problem is not in the DRL module.

My question to all: Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this car or might know where to look?

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