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I am new and just picked up a 86 Samurai tin top. It was sitting for 4 or 5 years and my son took the carb apart and cleaned with carb cleaner plus we drained the gas tank.

It started up but idles about 3,000 rpm. The carb is stamped Motorcraft on the front and has Holley and Weber stamps on other parts and has a metal tag that says DZZF BC.

I read all the pages on here and see that high idle is vacuum issue so I have looked at all the lines but have no idea where they are suppose to go. The vacuum line from the dist. wasn't hooked to anything and the same size line that comes off a canister mounted on the firewall went to the only place on the carb that I could find so I put the line from the dist. to that nipple and it still idles at 3,000 rpm.

Any ideas what carb I have and how to fix the high idle? People I got the trk from said that it was running good when they parked it.

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