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Newbie with a Samurai ?

I just purchased a 92 Samurai and cant wait to drive it. It has a spring over axle lift, and lift shackels. How much total lift do you think that would be? I'm wanting to order the over the top steering kit from and they ask how much lift you have so they can send the right kit. Anybody have a ruff guess?

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A standard SPOA lift (spring perches setting the spring pack about 1/4" over the axle tube) will get you about 4.5" of lift. A stock shackle is 3" tall. A 'lift shackle' is just a longer shackle (but you knew that). The lift is how much the shackle lifts the frame above the stock height (and you knew that too). The way to judge the height a lift shackle will give you is to measure the shackle (bolt center to bolt center) and see how much longer than stock it is and cut the number in half. Examples:

stock - 3" long
1" lift - 5" long
2" lift - 7" long

Anything taller gets unsafe...

So add the SPOA (4.5") and the shackle lift (see above, but let's say 1" for this example) and you get a 5.5" overall lift.

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You measure the lift that larger tires give you the same way...
Start with the stock 27" tire. Go to a 31" tire (4" taller) and you actually move the frame 2" higher than stock (2" lift).
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