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I am a newbie to the forum and hope you can help.
Please be gentle with me.

I have a 2004 Suzuki Jimny which has covered 60,000 easy road miles.
I took it for its latest MOT certificate and the mot inspector has failed it on both the nearside and offside front axle swivel joint having excess movement between the joint and the housing. In addition to the movement the balls are leaking oil, particularly if it's jacked on either side.

The local Suzuki parts department (who have not inspected it) says that from the description, it will probably need 4 bearings, 4 kingpins and new seals...ouch!!!

In your experience will it need all these parts to solve the problem or are the Suzuki parts people just wanting to throw everything at it.?

Additionally, it may be false information, but another mechanic seemed to think there were shims on top of the swivel ball area that could be removed to tighten and load up the bearings.

What does the team think?
Very grateful for any replies prior to starting.
With best wishes
kingfisher Scotland

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First of all, your 2004 is a coily, right? (coil suspension and not leaf spring)
I don't have any pix of that axle, but the knuckles are very similar to the older leaf spring model.

Here is a shot of a disassembled knuckle.

This shows the seal they mention. If the 'balls' leak when the axle is at an angle, then yes, you need to replace those seals.
The bearing races can be seen at the top and bottom of the knuckle. The bearings drop into those races. The kingpin drops into the bearing. If one is worn, chances are good that both components are worn because of their constant contact. This will cause the looseness that the inspector noted. I would replace both at the same time (on both sides of course). Removing the shim is only a bandaid fix, but the shims also act as a wear point. better to just replace the kingpins and bearings.

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Hello everyone.

Spot of bother with the jimny front n/s hub.

Leaking oil to the rear seal....the considered advice seems to be kingpins and bearings.....on order and should be here before the end of the week.

Spot of bother with 4 wheel drive not engaging.

There is a broken wire from the front switch on the transfer case and should be in the box of bits on order.

Having trawled around, it appears this may also be broken or leaking or detached vacuum pipes....which I shall check when the switch is replaced.

My million dollar question, if anyone can advise......are there ANY special tools required to replace the kingpins and bearings ? and can this be done with the hub in place....(this may well be a stupid question as I have not stripped anything down to verify myself and it may be self evident)

Thanks in anticipation

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