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Hi guy's been lurking on the site for a few weeks now and decided it’s time to join up and ask a question, I was just wondering as my thread is called new wheels i am interested in the Inovit STVI has anyone previously bought wheels from Alloy Wheels and Tyres > Alloy Wheel World And does anyone know about this wheel? Is it any good? below is what i am after

Inovit ST VI 7.5x18" Alloy Wheels Finished in White > Inovit ST VI > Inovit Wheels > Alloy Wheels by Brand > Wheels > Alloy Wheels and Tyres > Alloy Wheel World

they have a sale on at the moment and didnt wanna miss out

what do you guys know about these people? fast delivery? or am i gonig to wait 3 weeks? Any info will be good

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