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Greetings and Felicitations to one and All.

Just joined today, but have been a Sami fan forever. Used to have one about 17 years ago, and always regretted selling it. So this past September, I was finally able to aquire another one. I'm just thrilled to have one finnaly sitting in the driveway again.:)

Right now though, it needs some serious TLC and I'm hoping you all can help me figure it out.

When I got it, the catalytic converter was completly burnt through, the clutch was at it end, there were holes in the floor boards, and the seat had been installed in 5 gallon bucket fashion, but it had a rebuilt engine. Woohoo, no problem. Or so I thought.

After welding in a new Cat, replacing in the seats, fixing the floorboards, replacing the clutch, giving it a tune-up, I thought we were golden. NOT! Immediatley failed emmisions as a gross polluter, only good news was that the EGR passed with flying colors.

So back to the driveway it went for closer inspection. Upon digging through the FSM (which if anyone wants a copy, let me know), we found the list of symptoms and causes.
So we removed the O2 sensor which was a char-baby, it was so crusted (apparently we'd been running too rich for a while). Then we gave it valve adjustment, and got rid if the high rpm rattle.
In order to check the float adjustment we rebuilt the carb, and here's crux, it still runs too rich and the carb gets flooded out almost everytime. Now the car has an electric fuel pump that seems to be putting out 8psi.:confused:

So upon going through the vacume diagram, we found that it has no MCV, no VTV Valve, no delay valve, and no daisy valve.:mad: We found some working valves at the junk yard, but I'm not sure if they're the right ones. I also found a couple of MCV valves, but they were from a toyota. Does anyone know where I can get an MCV or any of the others, without breaking the bank. I would be happy with used an working.

So at this point I'm a bit frustrated, and need some help!!!

Thanks again,
Sabine (Evesgird)
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