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Hello all, I am a new member and just recently bought my first Suzuki. I never thought I would have ended up driving a 'Zuk but I did. I own an 06 Dodge Ram Hemi crew cab 4x4 and love it. It gets about 15MPG so I had a little Mazda 626 for a work car. It has been a problem since getting it. I have recently been looking to get a replacement. I needed 3 things- A/C, cruise and max MPG. I had pretty much decided on a (VERY STRIPPED) Ford focus. I was going to be able to get into it for around $11K new. Everything else was several tousand more and I wanted ultra cheap. Just before buying the Focus, I went and checked the Suzukis. I drove an SX4 Crossover and kind of liked it. It did not have cruise and I told the salesman that was a dealbreaker. He talked me into looking at an SX4 Sport(sedan) because it had cruise. Well, the package with cruise control also had the AYB suspension package, 4 wheel discs, 17" wheels and some good looking 50 series tires. This completely changed the performance and handling of the car. After driving it, I couldnt believe how spoerty it felt and how attractive it was. I could get into it for not much more than the (very) stripped Focus. The SX4 Sport was far from stripped. All the stuff mentioned above, plus power windows locks(with auto drivers side), climate control, wheel mounted audio/cruise controls, and much more. It would have been a very easy decision, except I was still a little leery about long term reliability from Suzuki, as I have never owned one. Once I got the dealer to throw in a 100K mile, 84 month bumper to bumper warranty for a few hundred dollars more, I couldnt pass it up. Got into it for less than $14K and am very pleased thus far. Here it is.

I didnt do much research prior to buying but have been reading a lot since. The MPG results seem quite varied. I have been doing a lot of business travel and have been getting pretty solid performance thus far. It only had a hundred miles when I got it, so I hope it will improve as the car breaks in. Have other owners been seeing any improvement as they break the 2.0 in? I hope so.

In the last 4 days, I have put around 700 miles on it with the following results.
Tha first half tank was 95% hwy and the car got 32.63 MPG (calculated on paper)
The second tank was about 80% hwy 20% city (nashville, rush hour) and I drove 325.5 miles and it took 10.1 gallons to fill up. 32.23 MPG. How does this compare to others?
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