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My latest Samurai purchase:

Got it from the neighbor for $1300. He was moving and wanted to find it a good home. Here's a before picture:

Came with a Weber, when he got it.
He did a few things, before I got it: Header, 2" exhaust, new radiator, new seats (great deal on Craigslist, for $50 each!), OME springs, new shocks (need to change those), new timing belt & tensioner, front crank seal and timing cover. I did all the work (for free) and welded him up the new exhaust, that's probably why he cut me a break on the price.

I added: motor mounts, leaky distributor fix, fuel sender, soldered breaks in the printed circuit instrument cluster, TC shift sheet, trans shift bolt and shift sheet, new aluminum door handles, new interior panels, carpet kit, rear draw bar, new mirrors, re-wired melted wiring from fried dome light circuit (never let anyone put a 30 amp fuse in a 10 amp circuit), window channel rubber and whiskers, new window regulators, window cranks, wheels and tires, stereo, dash pad, pulled dash and repainted all interior plastic, a little body work, some DuPoint Centauri acrylic enamel '64 Corvette red with white Centauri stripe and all the usual Samurai odds and ends.

It only had two matching spoked Samurai wheels. I looked for some online and Craigslist. Everything I found was either too far away, too expensive, or, would have taken more effort than it was worth to make look good. I wanted to keep close to the stock width, because I like how I don't have to wash the mud off very often, with the tires stuffed inside the stock fender flairs.

I found some trailer wheels, with 1/2"+ offset and 5" width. Stock Samurai wheels are 5-1/2" wide, the offset is different, but the wider 5-1/2" width puts them out about the same distance. I ordered a set of five, delivered to my door, for $195. White powder coated, DOT approved, 1870 lb capacity per wheel. With my 28", BGF MT 215/75/15 tires, they still fit inside the fender flairs. I compared the wheels to the ones I bought from Discount Tire, for my Toyota Landcruiser and the construction is the same. The 15 x 8 Toyota wheels were twice the price. Just another option for somebody that might be looking for some stock appearance Samurai wheels.
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