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Hi guys I'm new to the forum!

I own a Suzuki Baleno GSR 1.8 here in the UK, there's 49 left on UK roads.

I've owned a fair few cars most recently a Honda S2000 and a Renault Megane RS250. Both of those cars were absolutely awesome but there's something about the little quirky Baleno I love!

I was pretty surprised by how well it handles too! The long gearing is a little weird for the rev happy 1.8 J18. It does lack some "oomph" too!

I've been working with a few companies regarding a turbo conversion but before that I want to sort out the handling, I've managed to sort some coilovers with a company I've used before in Taiwan, used them on my old MR2 Turbo and they were fantastic so decided to trust them again! However to complete my setup I'm looking for some uprated ARBs and potentially an LSD. Both seem to be impossible to find, as do many parts for this little nugget of a car.

Also it seems like the hubs on the car are the exact same as my MK1 MX5, same size calipers and everything - which leads me to believe I could use the NB Mazda MX5 SVT front calipers as a cheap brake upgrade! Need to look into that more first.

So a breakdown of my plan:
1. Sort out handling and braking mods.
2. Sort out bodywork as it needs some TLC (also if anyone knows where to get a rear bumper and bootlid in the UK I'll love you forever)
3. Get car running well on standalone ECU.
4. Proceed with turbo conversion running low boost until I find a baseline.

My main priority is to get it looking and running perfect before I proceed with it being a little turbo JDM nugget!

I'm going to be logging the entire build on an instagram page I've dedicated to it - going to be slow updates as it'll all be done on a budget!

As for help, any information about these little cars would be appreciated!

Best place to get parts, mods or anything like that!
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