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Hi Everyone

I have just joined this forum as I see it is appropriate to me and has an active and knowledgable membership.

I live in Sri Lanka and own a 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL7 - 2.7L Petrol V6 - 5 speed Manual - 4WD - from new and now has 240,000 kms on the clock. 95% of this I have done myself! A significant amount of mileage in a small country like this. As I understand it there is only a handful of this model in the country.

The vehicle has only let me down/stranded - once - due to a fuel pump. I love the narrow body and it's 4WD capabilities are fine for me.

I am loathe to sell the vehicle as people only look at the age - so moving forward I feel I need to get more and more work done outside the normal system.

I would be looking for advice about;
  • Workshop/Service/Spare Parts Manuals
  • Sourcing of parts
  • Issues & Troubleshooting etc
I would be most happy to contribute in anyway I can.

Best Regards to all

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