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Hello all,

New member here. I just started bringing an 89 Tracker 2 door hardtop back to life that has been sitting for 12 years. So far what I have done is repaired all the wiring that the rats chewed up under the hood. The engine will crank with the key now. (When I rotate the steering column there is a beeping that will sound or go away when it is tweaked and the key is on... Is this something to be concerned about?

I also dropped the fuel tank and I have ordered everything new (fuel tank, pump hanger, pump and fuel level). The old gas smelled liked kerosene. Rats also chewed the fuel line going to the throttle body in two. Would it be wise to go open up the tb to clean and replace seals or wait and see what happens?

I also ordered a new timing belt and tensioner. I haven't ever replaced one before. I'm going to do some research on how this is done and adjustments. Does anyone have any tips or advise on here?

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