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Have a look through the forum for 'Road Noise Suppression' too.
That foam works well. I'm impressed by how easy it is to cut and fit, and the increased 'quietness'.
I didn't bother with doing inside the door panels as a) I got lazy, b) it was a hot Summers day, c) I got lazy, d) it really was very hot, e) my old worn out back was sore after doing the boot area, f) I got lazy.
If you took the time to do the door inners as well then you would have a very quiet wee car.
Try just the boot area and inner panel of hatch lid first. That might be all you want to do.
I would have done inside my door panels but after unclipping every clip and removing every wee screw I could see I still couldn't get that panel to come off. So I gave up before cracking/breaking something.
Great! Thx a million!

And I'll probably just do the boot area (at least to start)... I share the same lazy virus... ;)
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