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ok so I couldnt really afford a nice Honda for my teenage daughter so I bought a 2004 Forenza sedan...........seemed like a good trade in, bought by broker and priced to move fast..........ok so far........test drive good, we drove to emissions station and it passed........good, on inspection by me I noticed left radiator fan unplugged and big oil leak from valve cover, one power window not working and some dents and biggie, 120k on odometer
take car to mechanic / uncle (he is in ASE hall of fame), decided to give it the supereme work over, timing belt, valve cover gasket, oil seals, timing cover gasket, water pump, every coolant hose, serpetine hose, new tranny fluid (auto, shifting ok), plug wires, plugs, filters, oil, pressure wash $500 in parts at his prices.
Driving it home sunday night 100 miles to my house, not an issue, cold air sweet ride. Daughter takes it on first ride to see friends, check engine light comes I am pissed, I hope its pressure purge because of weather, (I didnt scan yet).........if not I could live with a tranny code (I figure from reading this forum reange sensor is in everyone future) but damn, this thing is a wierd little car

contracted by GM to be built by korean manufaturer daewoo for japanese car company suzuki.............while doing all the repairs we did have little issues, kind strange spooky little car.................hope it doesnt eat my bank account
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