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My '87 had a crushed muffler when I got it and after I finally started driving it a bit (had some things to do to get it to that point), I quickly noticed an exhaust smell. I found a BAD leak where they'd welded pipe in place of the cat converter, several small leaks along the pipe, and lots of leaks around the crushed muffler. Tried to patch with JB Weld and RTV- forget that. Last time I drove it (for 20 minutes), I got a crushing headache and stunk of exhaust fumes. Time to fix it.

I live WAY out in sticks but finally found our former muffler guy holed up at his house and he agreed to work on it. We ended up replacing the whole pipe from the headers on back, including a nice flat muffler tucked up into the frame. The previous yahoos had used galvanized conduit (!) for a pipe and I'm sure some of my fumes were coming from that. My cost for a new pipe, muffler, and labor was a VERY reasonable $100.

I drove it 10 miles yesterday, with the windows up, and did not get either a headache or smell any fumes.

Up front:

The tucked up muffler:

In back:

Tucks up well, I think:
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