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Hey guys i am from South Africa

Got my Carry fixed after about a year after i got it as a present from my brother.DIFFICULT FINDING PARTS

Got my Super Carry Overhauled new pistons, rings, big end bearings etc etc.It starts surprisingly easy.Engin is new so i am not taking her over 60km/ph for the moment.

Need to get a new Carb thou, thats going to be a challenge in itself.Thinking of mabe modifying the intake manifold and putting a different carb on it.It is the 1000cc engin.Not exactly sure witch year model it is.Mabe yu guys can help me out.Its got the round lights in the front.and drum brakes all round.Will post some pictures soon.Starting to put the carpets and sound in next week :D

I am very excited.SO MUCH FUN TO DRIVE.
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