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I have a 90 Samurai with a (was told) 95 Geo Tracker 1.6l 8v motor (1590cm) and the Samurai TBI.
Based on my research the intake is a california model because it has the BVSV, is this correct? but missing the EGRT sensor attached to the EGR Valve.

I have had the motor rebuild due to blown head gasket and photos were taken of all the vacuum and wire connections prior to removal, well thanks to the power that crashes our computers when we need them most I no longer have the photos prior to engine removal.

I have tried to attach everything based on FSM and I am confused due to the use of many factory items from the 90 Suzuki and the 95 Tracker Motor and wire harness.
I can not determine which TB I have, there are 3 ports on the d/s, one is attached to the fuel regulator and the other two directly behind it (see attached photoTB ds) and a port on the p/s (see attached photo TB ps)

There is a single metal port on the d/s of the intake which is to the right of the BVSV. The BVSV has upper and lower port how are the vacuum lines routed from these? (See attached photo BVSV)

I have two ports on the top of the canister, one goes to fuel line wher is the other attached? (see attached canister diagram)

The MAP has a hose, where is it attached? (see attached MAP diagram)

EGR SV and throttle open SV ( top and bottom hose go where) see attached photo sv

Based on the way I have it routed, I can start it, it appears to start up with high idle for few minutes then idles down, I drive it and it hesitates a little everytime I shift into another gear, it I step on the gas it hesitates, makes a backfire sound from under the hood (sounds like at the firewall)
If I unplug the ECT or WTS (engine coolant sensor which is new) the backfire sound stops but the hesitation is still there. (see attached photo WTS)

I have also notice if I stay in the same gear for without shifting the hesitation is gone.
It also seems that I dont have full power, like going up a little hill it wont
make it.

I also will need help with the installation of the power steering system that came with the 95 tracker motor. What do I have to do to place in 90 Samurai engine area, right now the d/s radiator support arms is in the way

Please help I am trying to get this running right today 3/3/2012 or I will have to take to the dealership.


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