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Hey friends, I have found my stabilizer bar to be quite rusted not surprising and its not just surface rust its penetrated fairly deep into the bar.

This is not giving me the ideal road performance that I need for commuting through the megapolis where I currently reside.

I know the front bar is a 25mm bar that I know for certain, the rear I know nothing whatsoever besides the fact is most likely solid not hollow like the front bar.

I have searched through a large variety of stabilizer bar manufacturers sites and cannot seem to find my vehicle listed in the drop down quick menu's, probably due to the fact that the vehicle is relatively obscure to the north american part manufacturer's except possibly GM because it use's a modified GM Theta platform.

I am however not very confident that the bar off a equinox or torrent will necessarily fit the grand vitara because the front and rear suspension is listed as being unique to those, and as we know the most important part to suspension with regards to handling is by and large the stabilizer bar especially when concerned with on-road performance.

I was particularly happy with the handling of the vehicle before the stabilizer bar s*** the bed. An Eibach sway bar would probably be nice, they look strong and the protective membrane is welcome. (corrosion resistant phosphate undercoat and polyester powder coat finish) Albeit possibly a tad bit overkill for what I intend to use the vehicle for which is zipping through moderate and heavy traffic not necessarily going for a drift @ 60+ km/h.

Polyurethane options for the bushing kit is ideal but not necessary as I can order my own bushings if the sway-bar kit doesn't include polyurethane or any at all (which is fine).

I am mostly concerned with replacing the front sway-bar atm because it protects my camber alignment and keeps the tires firmly planted and ensures even tread wear on my brand spanking new Hankook tires that I love!

So if anybody's got any info at all concerning my mission to make my vitara a traffic crushing beast plx drop a line.

BTW I do all my own tuning no more mechanics since I got my 3 ton jack kit so I will be heading up the removal and install of the parts personally the way it was meant to be done.
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