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I am getting ready to purchase a 1996 Suzuki Jimny Elk (JB32W with G13B 4 cylinder 16 valve engine) that has a bad starter, oil leak, and needs rebuild on brake master cylinder:unsure:. The vehicle is in Japan, but I am in the US. I want to pick up some parts here before I roll as they are cheaper and easier to get a hold of here.

1) I was wondering if the G13B engine uses the same starter as the old G13A or the 1.3L 8 valve that was in the Samurai in the USA.

2) Also is this engine still prone to the leak around the o ring in the distributor (if so that would explain what the mechanic there called an crank angle sensor o-ring and needs valve cover placement).

3) Is the valve cover gasket the same or different.

4) Where can I get info on the brake master cylinder for this model or maybe a good used one to take with me or mail over there.

Thanks for the help. I am on the way to building my second Jimny up, as well as purchasing my 5th Suzuki.:whistling:
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