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hi guys...just join this forum today..:)

i have suzuki jimny sj410 done swap with jimny sierra sj413 g13ba auto into it...a lots had being done, come out new proble..the auto gearbox problem...i had change the ATF fluids..still the same..

the symptoms is like
1. 1st gear wont change til 6000rpm
2. release and press the accelrator pedal then it will change gear to 3RD gear and no 2nd alot of my fuel :(
3. hot or cold the problem remains...but sometimes the gear will change like normal auto would do but most of the time wont change...

i have send to electrician to check the wiring is said throttle body related with auto gearbox wont change??? help..

anyone had this problem? mind share?anyone swap with other car autogearbox before? like vitara?or others? HELp...thanks..
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