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One of my wheels got bent on my 03 XL-7.
I'm looking for any wheels in decent shape. Some curb scrape is ok as most of my wheels are already like that. I only care if the wheel is balanced well and aren't as bent up the bad wheel that I got. If you can also throw in good tires included, that's a plus.

Local meetup is preferred around zipcode 08820

Below is the type of the wheel I need - its Aluminum with wheel cover in the middle. See pictures. Also, its a big bonus if you have the tires installed on them already if they still have good tread left. 235/60R16 is stock I believe.

Send me a PM to get in touch, give me your email and phone number, thanks.

Picture below is a good wheel, the one that got bent is in the trunk. I got the spare installed on the other side of the car.

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