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So far on the weekend to do list are:

- Replace clutch, throw out bearing, starter, timing belt, oil pan gasket, and timing belt cover.
- Rebuild transmission and transfer case.
- Install winch.

Last night I removed oil pan and cleaned out a bunch of gasket gunk from the pan and engine block, removed timing cover, starter, tranny shifter, cooling fan and shround. Have to find a new timing belt cover. The lower part on mine was all chewed up and torn. I'm hoping a bad oil leak I have was at the oil pan and not the front crank seal. I was planning to also change the front crank oil seal but I'm 80% sure the oil leak was from the oil pan. Not sure just how hard it would be to replace the oil seal but for now think I will leave it alone. The lower starter bolt was a PITA to get off. I ended up putting a torch on it to get it to break free.

Any tips on glitches I may encounter along the way doing these things and how to deal with them is appreciated!
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