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For the mean streets of manila, I chose the the Jimny...Thanks to my agent Snicky in Pasig for the fast transaction, wala pang 1 week I got to drive it home, and except for the intitial incompatible alarm system, everythings cool so far. no initial glitches yet. I'll keep you guys posted once the first problem shows up.;)

The unit was one of the last ones made just before the tsunami in japan so the price hasn't been affected by the 10% increace:rolleyes:

btw, I'm still thinking of a name for my baby( she's actually my first bnew car). So far, I'm thinking...'J-REX'-after my hood ornament,the small dinosaur triceratops), 'MATILDA' - the kid assasin in "Leon the professional" or 'UENO' after my favorite district in Tokyo.


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