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Well, it's been exactly 8 years (83,333 miles) with this car since I bought it new, but my time with it is over.

I was getting lean codes (P0171 + P0174) sporadically. I had replaced ALL the vacuum line connectors, broken PCV valve, moved lines around and checked what i thought were all fittings, and even a new fuel filter....nothing worked. Codes kept popping up as they wanted to.

Just the other day i removed the Intake Boot off the intake (to spray MAF wire) and discovered that when i turned it over, within the "accordion fold" was a 5 cm long crack/opening that was not discoverable until i had done that ! I taped around it with 3m black electrical tape and it hasn't returned since.

Only 2 other problems with car:
1: A mysterious clattering sound from rear right strut area. Only while driving forward (reverse did not duplicate sound), and only when driving over something on the right side. sharp small bumps or freeway imperfections would create sound, not really big bumps. More consistent if feathering brakes while driving over minute bumps ?

2: Transmission electrical control switch on transmission body under air filter box would get corrosion and arcing inside of it from driving through puddles of water after heavy rains. If left unpaired, this would cause transmission issues such as no acceleration at all !
FIXED ! :)

the final straw though was quite funny.

Just after i finally got the LEAN CODE issues ironed out, #1 cylinder decides to misfire...and upon checking it....#1 was oiling bad....and now blow-by comes up through dipstick and out of oil filler cap and when #1 plug removed.....makes a lovely sound and shudders a little when first starting in morning and while waiting at stop lights.

I was hoping for a few more years with it, but my time with it is over.

I was thinking of the Kizashi, but now that Suzuki is gone, i just don't see the point.

Good luck to the rest of you. I hope some of the information i have given will help someone else.
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