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Hi all,
I just bought a used grand vitara 3 doors few days ago.
I park in front of our place these days during rain days.
This morning I found the mat in driver seat is very wet, then I found there is about 1 cm flood.
I took off the mat and dry it by clothes.
I also took off a plug underneath.

However, I dont know what to do with that flood or leaking problem.
I search with google, some people said the flood may come from different reason.
it may from air con waste water pipe leaking.
The seal of door.
Some where sheet broken.

I know the previous owner had a small crash before, but he said just a small dam on front fender.
I am thinking I should complain to him or I should go local dealer or mechanic to fix this problem?
This car is 2005 and the warranty has expire already.
Any suggestion or advice?

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I don't see a point in complaining to the previous owner - unless he sold it to you with a warranty - around here you buy a used car in a private sale, you buy it with whatever problems it has, so you need to inspect it before you agree on a price and then negotiate the price down based on the condition.

Regardless of whether you speak to the previous owner or not, the first step is going to be to find out where YOUR car leaks - other people can share their experiences but it doesn't mean that that is going to be where your car leaks.

Either sit in the car when it's raining - OR - sit in the car and have someone else hose it down with a garden hose.

Common areas to leak are the window & door seals, and if the cabin air intake drains are blocked, water will come through the a/c, but usually onto the passenger side floor, not the driver's side.
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