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Smoked a clutch at the last race. I run 4HI, I leave in 1st and hit 2nd about where the shit gets deep. This is my 6th race with the 2.0, never had a problem before. The only thing I changed was I cut my front boggers. I felt something when I went to 2nd. I made a full run, but came in 4th. I thought maybe the tcase or rear axle took a shit.

Pulled clutch - guess what - the CENTERFORCE I bought from Brent is not used on Mud Racing. The disc that is supplied with the clutch is great for Rock Stars, but not for slamming clutch. He sells a metal disc, forgot name, that sand rails, etc runs. Uses the Centerforce pressure plate.

Now the rear axle - first drained all fluids looking for metal, OK. When I raised one side of rear axle, I could freely spin the tire while the other on slab. That ain't right for a Detroit Locker. Pulled axles, dropped third, everything intact. The contact pattern was pretty close. Well, I had to look at Locker. Took out the five allen heads on my press. I looked like one side of the locker was jammed. After close inspection, there is no evidence of any wear, clean. Thats a blessing!

Now I have this Detroit sitting on my press, with two halves staring me in the face. They have to go in face to face. When I turn the top half over to put together, parts start falling. Looks like there is some kind of trick lucking to get the halves back together.

Any offers of experiences with assembling Detroit Lockers will be justly rewarded.

Oh Yeah, never let some old coot from Breaux Bridge video your run. I DID get the finish where the Slamborghini was just a .
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