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My 2001 Jimny M13A Engine 239000KM has an intermittent misfire / shudder when idling at low revs.
Mechanic at Suzuki dealership who replaced the clutch noticed it and recommended replacing sparks and leads before replacing ignition coils at $316 x 2 - Ouch. Coils have never been replaced. mechanic said it was not uncommon given the KMs, coils on Jimny get hot - more susceptible and oil leak from rocker seal also doesnt help.
The mechanic did not report any fault codes.
Did the cheap fixes,spark plugs and leads, gaps correct, oil leak rectified misfire/shudder not fixed.
Before I spend a lot of money on genuine coils would like to know my options.
I read misfiring engine can sometimes be fixed with new crank sensor, unsure how much these are and if I should replace the sensor before coils

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