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hi guys, these were the minutes of the meeting during EB4 last april 28:

1.the official club carry logo was decided. the official CCP logo is the one found on the header of this forum (pls scroll to the top of the web page)...or similar to it, meaning to say that CCP (initials of clubcarryph) will be the official logo for the club.

for carry owners, if you wish to have a suzuki carry van design similar to yellowturtle's design, it shall be stuck on to the quarter panel window (the last window near to the rear windshield)...anyway pls. see the other thread of YT sa other announcements. i shall be posting there also my proposed design of the quarter panel sticker for carry owners. sir yellowturtle, it's up to you to edit the design i have attached there.

2. the positions that were discussed were as follows:
board of trustees - members are the people who were actively representing their vehicles during the past few EB's and in online forums. in short active.
the members are as follows:
Yellowturtle [carry] -co-founder
Paschalhatesworm [carry] -co-founder
j-six [carry/apv] - clubcarry forums founder
weremanok [swift] - team swift founder
zeagle [swift] - team swift promotions
jonp [swift] - team swift promotions
bluevideo [scrum] -active scrum member
nov. 23, 1993 [apv] - active member
mang caloy [carry truck] -co founder
macky [apv] - active forumer

the board of trustees, shall in turn open and decide the people for the different positions:
1. chairman - presides and may veto or not any decision made by the members.
2. internal PRO - information disemination (regularly posts the EB's or announcements on the forum)
3. external PRO - in charge of promotions and endorsments for the club and sponsorships as well
4. secretary - post regularly the minutes of the meeting
5. treasurer - collects funds for the club.
6. webmaster - regularly inspects the website for any errors and updates the website if there is a need to.

3. mini photoshoot...thanks to mr. nov. 23 1993 for lending us his wonderful camera and got a shot of us who were there.

4. website design - major colors inside the proposed main web site would be in colors of blue and red, the major colors of suzuki.
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