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A have the opportunity to have a friend do some maintenance work on my 2008 SX4 crossover. I have about 135,000 miles on it and I am the original owner. I have replaced the differential oil, the power steering fluid, the radiator and some air filters. Most of that a long time ago. I also replaced my tie rods a few times – other than that I have not done much in the in last 40K or so. What do you suggest I have done?

I was thinking- replace my air filters, replace the transmission fluid, the power steering fluid, the oils/fluids for the AWD. Maybe the spark tubes/plug/wires? (I doubt he can do a proper flush on the fluids)

Are there any belts that should be done? Suggestions are most welcome and most appreciated. Also, do I recall my car has a timing chain vs. a belt?
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