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Hi all

A while back it started feeling like my car was loosing power but nothing else was up so assumed it was just me being paranoid.

Over the course of a few weeks it got slower and slower until now it struggles to get to 3000RPM and really has issues with hills.

My friendly local mechanic had a look over and suggested a fuel filter change and if that does nothing, a new turbo. Jumping straight to a new turbo seems a bit full on, I'm hoping there's other things to check or cheaper parts to replace first.

I've replaced the fuel filter, run a cleaner through it (added direct to filter housing) and also used a turbo cleaner (sprayed into the intake while running). No change.

It has two fault codes showing P1352 (I believe glow plug related so shouldn't affect power) and P2143 (EGR - I've had a remap with EGR delete so can be ignored). Fuel economy seems normal.

Any ideas on what to check / look for before getting a new turbo would be appretiated.

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