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I'm trying to do a favour for my Uncle and I'm hoping someone could help me find the pin-outs for a factory radio from a 95 Sidekick. He has a 93 Sidekick, and the radio doesn't work. He was given a factory radio out of a 95 Sidekick which he would like to use in the 93.

The problem is we don't have the 12-pin harness out of the 95. The 93 radio has 3 separate harnesses (front speakers, rear speakers, and power), and they run out the back of the radio. I was going to cut these wires off, and then solder the 93 harnesses directly on to the connector of the 95 radio. Instead of doing trial-and-error, I was hoping someone with a 95 Sidekick (or any other 94/95 Suzuki with the same type of harness) could tell me the colours of the wire on each pin. It is a 12-pin connector, 2 rows of 6.

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