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I've got a problem with my '08 Suzuki Swift where when the revs fall to idle, the car cuts into limp mode and I lose all power. When this happens the engine light also comes on. It's pretty dangerous when it happens if you're in traffic.

The other symptom I get is intermittently I also turn the ignition and the engine light will come on, and the revs stick around 2-3k and there is no response from the pedal. I have to switch the car off and back on again. After doing this 3-4 times the light goes back out.

The fault was originally reported in warranty, but the dealer Randles Garages Ltd. / Randles Suzuki have been stringing this along for so long that the car is now out of warranty. So now they have managed to mess me around for so long that it's now out of warranty they are refusing the deal with it.

They claim to have put two throttle position sensors in the car, a member of another forum has cleared up that this is part of the throttle body. Where as the part Randles Suzuki have been replacing is the pedal unit from what they have told me.

A full story of what has happened with Randles Suzuki Stoke-on-Trent can be found in the link.

An alternative dealer has also replaced the pedal unit, and now they are saying that the car needs a throttlebody (which I assume is because of the throttle position sensor). They are quoting nearly £400 for the repair, even though this should have been done under warranty. Maybe this isn't even the fault? Can anyone help here? Anyone else had the same problem?


- An extremely frustrated Suzuki customer :(
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