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Hey guys.. Tom from 360 dynamics needs 10 people to put 50% down and he will start the production, once he gets 10 people it will only take two weeks....
Go here to add your name to the list:

For more information about the pulley and a dyno graph go here:

Go to page 2 for the dyno graph... results showed as much as a 22.8bhp increase @ 6300 rpms with an avg gain of 8bhp!! Its only something like $160usd which is a great deal. Think about it, a CAI is like $100 and might give you 5bhp

Im trying to get people to put down the 50% to get the ball rolling becuase i want to try to have it installed on my car by the end of the month before my next race.


Oh and Tom I hope you dont mind me posting this
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