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I bought one of these Oznium LED dome lamps for my Samurai;

I purchased the 1.5" by 1.0" warm-white version. It comes with 7 adaptors, one of which fit the bulb holder in my dome lamp.

The LED fits perfectly inside the dome light lens and the extra wire from the adaptor keeps it from rattling around.

Although it is warm-white, it has a much whiter light than the stock bulb. If I had to guess, I'd say it is 10 times brighter than the stock bulb. It only pulls 2.3 watts, so there is no worry about overloading the stock wiring and it also puts out very little heat, so there is no worry of melting the plastic dome lamp.

The Slimmest LED Dome Light on the Market

From a practical standpoint, the dome lamp now brightly lights the entire interior of the Samurai. It is now bright enough to easily read by and it is easy to find stuff that is on the floor.
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