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Click above image for high-res gallery of the Suzuki SX4 Makai concept

Suzuki was obviously trying to tap into the So. Cal. culture of the LA Auto Show when it tasked Andry Specialty Vehicles to create the SX4-based Makai concept. After lopping off the roof, shaving the door handles and adding a NACA-like duct in the hood, they sprayed down the sedan in orange paint and accented it with the silver rollover hoop that provides another mounting point to attach a set of surfboards. LED running lights add some subtle flavor and 19-inch CEC wheels fill the widened wheel arches that frame four-wheel disc brakes with Rotora calipers.

Although the exterior appointments are cool enough, our favorite feature is inside. Instead of fitting the concept seats – normally an ergonomic disaster – it looks like Suzuki made a trek to their corporate pool, plucked the chairs from around the frosted glass table and welded them inside. The results are equal parts style and functionality that give soaking surfers a place to rest without mucking up the standard cloth seats. It certainly won't score any points in the safety department (nor will the lack of seatbelts), but we'll give them a 6.2 for originality.

Gallery: Suzuki SX4 Makai concept
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