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Someone was going to buy my wheels... so i looked into new ones and then figured out my feels dont fit his car. Now i want to buy new wheels. Well my wheels are about $1250usd new (including tires, not including warranty wich i got...i think that was nearly 100more). Ill take pictures of them if anyones intrested. There in good shape except one wheel the machined lip is scuffed up in one spot. You can see pics of them installed on my car in the lacetti section. There unique too, the only place that carrys them is discount tire so you shouldnt see them around. They have about 5k miles on them, the back tires are like new... the front ones are worn a bit.

KMC custom hotwheels w/ cooper zeon zpt tires



There 4x114.3 bolt patter. 17x7 wrapped with 215 40R17

Im not ever going with any other tires. These tires are amazing. A couple days ago i was trying to take a corner at 65mph (no traffic around) hit an oil spot and spun out (funnest thing of my life, lol) did a complete 360degree turn and ended up at a complet stop in the exact lane perfectly lined up just before the traffic light. Tires didnt make very much noise either. They just grip beautifully.

Well give me an offer for them and ill decide. Im defintly not selling them cheap though
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